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Two Bridges of Huangpu River

Nanpu Bridge is situated in the south wharf of Shanghai city proper between two cross-river tunnels. Yangpu Bridge is situated in the north of Suzhou River and lower reaches section of the Huangpu River. The distance between two bridges is 11 kilometers, they are the cross-river sister bridges within Shanqhai.

All the two bridges are modern floating type oblique-suspended bridges, Among the same type of bridges, Nanpu Bridge occupies the first place in China and the third place in the world. The medium span distance of the Yangpu Bridge occupies the first place in the world. The design of the two bridges is brand-new with beautiful mould, reasonable function and magnificent imposing manner. High up in the air and flying swiftly upward, the bridges' bodies are Just like two cross-river rainbows. The stiff and high tower columns are Just like the sharp swords piercing through the cosmos. The sturdy and forceful oblique-suspended steel cables are Just like the robust eagle soaring to great heights. Multi-postured bridge approach (straight, bending or spiral) increases more the rhythmic feeling of the bridges. The names 'Nanpu Bridge' and 'Yangpu Bridge' inscribed by comrade Deng Xiao Ping were embedded separately in the center of the tower columns with dazzling lights.

The two bridges of Huangpu River combined with the Oriental Pearl Tower form the magnificent view of 'two dragons playing the pearl'.

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