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The Tower of Oriental Pearl

The Broadcasting & Television Tower of Oriental Pearl is situated in the tip of Lujiazui of the east shore of Huang-pu River, looking from the other side of the river is the New Bund. The height of the tower is 468 meters, occupies the first place in Asia, the third place in the world.

The high tower is supported by three columns with a diameter of 9 meters and three oblique braces with a diameter of 7 meters intersected in 60' to the ground, piercing straight to the clouds and sky. The 11 steel structured round balls, including space cabin, upper ball, lower ball, 5 ball-like sky hotels in the middle and three decorative small balls at the bottom are just like 11 shining pearls embedded on the body of the tower, form poetic conception of big and small pearls dropping down on the Jade disc.

The already completed construction of the Oriental Pearl Tower greatly improves the effect of the Shanghailanders watching TV and receiving broadcast. It also supplies a place of modernized sightseeing. amusement and shopping for the tourists. There are 5 sightseeing floors, 1 revolving restaurant accepting 450 persons on the tower. 20,000 sq. meters shopping center at the bottom of tower, 25 de luxe guest rooms inside the ball, and 6 high-speed lifts installed inside the tube-shape part of tower.

The Oriental Pearl Tower has been the new symbol of Shanghai. When the night is coming, under the reflection of multi-colored lamps, the slim and graceful demeanour is more fascinating.

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