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Inner-ring Line Overpass

The whole length of the Inner-ring Line Overpass is 48 kilometers. It is consisted of three Parts:29 kilometers continuous overpass in Puxi section, 8 kilometers ground road in Pudong section, and the road connecting in one through two bridges of Huangpu River (the length of two bridges is totally 11 kilometers). It is the largest scaled municipal engineering construction item since opening the port of Shanghai.

The average width of the overpass is 18 meters, with tour motor vehicle roads in bilateral directions. It establishes isolated protecting balustrade in the middle and anti-collided wall and sound-proof plate at two sides. Along the line it establishes six large mutually Passing type stereo-crossing bridges and 35 subroads up and down, makes the overpass and the ground road connecting in one. The Chengdu Road overpass which passing through the south to the north connects with the Inner-ring Line Overpass takes initially the shape of embryonic form of city stereo traffic network.

Along the inner ring line establishes advanced monitoring and controlling system, communication system, optoelectric indication system and light source illuminating system 28 television screens can monitor the circulation situation of the overpass in 24 hours, creates the best view of domestic modernized city traffic.

When the night is coming, thousands and thousands lamps of the overpass all light up, it seems like a beautiful-colored long dragon spiralling in the sky of Shanghai.

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