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Yuyuan Mart

Yuyuan Mart is situated near the Old God's Temple of the old city proper of Shanghai. Here the views of Yu Garden, Jiu Qu Bridge, Huxin Pavilion, God's Temple, Chenxiangge, etc. are well-known for a long time. Many commercial buildings group, such as the newly-built Jingyulou, Yuebinlou. Bailinglou, Hetenglou, Tianyulou. Huabaolou, Jingronglou etc. make the Old God's Temple changing the new face from the old appearance and become a real tour and shopping center of Shanghai combining garden, temple and emporium in one place, and shopping, tour, restaurant, amusement in one body.

By its characteristic of 'ancient outside, western inside', the newly built building group is in accordance and unification with the original views, supplements and radiates each other. The architectural figure follows historically the southern garden style in the Ming and Qing dynasties, with flying eaves, raised corners, engraved beams and painted ridgepoles. Inside the building establishes a series of contemporary advanced in stallations like escalator, background music, TV supervision and cold-warm air condition, etc.

Here. every building can be 'independent' to show its own characteristic. Yuyuan Commercial Mansion absorbs the elite of ancient tower architecture, the surrounding lounge at the bottom floor can be used to take a rest for the tourists. Ninghuige at the upper floor of Tianyulou is the high point of the whole building group--eight corners piercing through the sky, splendid, tall and straight. It can be compared with the famous building like Huanghelou, Tengwangge etc.

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