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by Ai Jingchun

On the bank of Dianshan Lake, at the foot of Dianshan Hill, the 1000-year-old Zhujiajiao Ancient Town covers an area of 4.7 square kilometers in the shape of a fan filled with a landscape of lakes and hills. Of the tens of thousands of tourists who have visited there, regards it as a bright pearl inlaid in the bank of Dianshan Lake.

The ancient town is 50 kilometers from downtown Shanghai in Qingpu County in the southwestern suburbs of the city. It lies in the important hub of communications of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Various rivers and ports crisscross in the town, and its nine big streets stretch out along the river banks. One thousand Ming-Qing dynasty houses buidings still stand, and 36 stone bridges still keep their ancient style. Places of historical interest and scenic beauty can be seen everywhere. In the town, tourists can find entertainment by returning to pure nature.

San Mao, the late famous writer from Taiwan Province, went there and was infatuated with the scenery of "small bridges." It is quiet. Everywhere and every moment seems to make you want to paint and compose poetry.

Zhujiajiao has fascinating scenes, including the famous Dianshan Hill and Dianshan Lake. The lake covers a water surface of 62 square kilometers. Going sightseeing by boat, one can see the sky and the water meet together. Over the water surface, reeds sway in the wind while white geese and aquatic birds sport on the water or fly in the sky once in a while.

In ancient Zhujiajiao, Fangsheng Bridge, Ming-Qing Street and the Town God's Temple are the most fascinating sights featuring the unique style. Of them, the local 26 lanes are worthy of mentioning. Zhujiajiao is known for its more ancient, quiet, strange and deep lanes than any other ancient town in southern China. It is very interesting when traveling in the alleys to feel a sense of confusion. You can learn from them the interesting style of the hutong of northern China while experiencing the quietness of small lanes in southern China. Zhujiajiao's "Ancient Lanes Tour" is well received by domestic and foreign tourists.

Another fascinating point is that the town has many famous persons, many Ming and Qing architectural items and many piers, stone paths for boat pullers and teahouses.

Zhujiajiao features beautiful water, ancient arched stone bridges, dugout canoes, strange streets paved with stones and elegant gardens. Tourists will experience the wonder of it there. Sailing on the river one seems to be part of a picture.

--from "Travel China"

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