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National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie, or the Qingyan Mountain, is China's first national forest park. With an area of 130 square km, this lustrous scenic pearl consists of seven main tourist routes: Yellow Lion Village, Jinbian Stream, Yaozi Village, Pipa Stream, Shadao Valley, back Garden and Chaotianguan.

Zhangjiajie is peculiar with its crags. 3000 crags rise in various shapes. They are like whips or pillars propping up the sky; or immense eggs piled on an unsteady board; or miniature rockery or curios... Fantastic but actual, dreamy but real! They are not artistic works, but more exquisite than artistic works. One can not help marveling at the acme of perfection of Nature's creation.

Zhangjiajie is tranquil with its waters. Springs gush out of crevices and brooks flow through the valleys to converge into five streams, four white sand pools, and two tumbling falls. The streams meandering down eastward between reddish rocks and green trees form long scrolls of landscape painting.

Zhangjiajie is beautiful with its forests. 97.7% of the area is covered with trees. There are tracts of primeval secondary forests, where are reserved a number of rare and valuable trees, flowers, and herbs. The xylophyta alone amounts to 517 species in 93 families, twice as many as that in the whole Europe. Ancient and rare trees are mostly found in the primeval secondary forests, such as ginkgoes, dove trees, Chinese yews, and tulip trees. Living in Shefeng Valley there are civets, giant salamanders, red-bellied tragopans and other rare animals.

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