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Sights in Guilin

Here in Guilin the peaks appear everywhere you turn, dominating every skyline, parading along the river and suddenly popping up at a downtown intersection.

Diecai Shan, Folded Brocade Hill, is located in the northern section of the city.It has four peaks; at 223 m, Mingyue Feng is not only the highest one within this massif, but also in all of Guilin. The Diecai Shan mountain area is rich in valuable stone carvings and Buddhist sculptures from the Tang and Song dynasties.

The best hills for climbing are found in the north of the city. Fubo Hill rises from the banks of the river and offers superb views from its summit,while halfway up is a huge cooking pot and a bell weighing 2.5 tons. In the base of Fubo is the Returned Pearl Cave with 300 Buddhist carvings on its walls.

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