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Meizhou Island State Tourist

Meizhou Island National Vacationing Zone is one of the 11 state vacation zones approved by the State Council. Facing Taiwan Island, the zone is 9.6 kilometers from north to south, 1.3 kilometers from east to west, with an area of 15 square kilometers. On the island, the Temple of Mazu is well known as a place for offering sacrifices to the sea goddess, and every year 100,000 believers come for this purpose, along with another 100,000 visitors from Taiwan. The island features luxuriant forests, numerous gulfs and bays and unbroken sea beaches, the interesting scenes of the island's Guanyin, and is an ideal place for watching the sunrise and sunset. In addition, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, such as stone tortoises, monkey, lotus and mushrooms, are remarkably true to life. At the southern end of the island, Jiubaolan Sea Beach stretches for several kilometers and is an ideal seaside resort.

There are two major activities on Meizhou Island. One is to take part in the memorial ceremony and worship of Mazu. On the birthday of the goddess every 23rd day of the third lunar month, and the anniversary of her death, on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, thousands of believers go to Mazu Temple to attend the grand Temple Fair and take part in the worship. The other main purpose of visiting the island is for vacation, participating in water sports, such as circling round the island by pleasure-boat, jet-boating, wind surfboarding, water skiing and sailing. In addition, facilities for bathing, fishing, barbecues and playing water ball are also provided.

At the same time, tourists can go to Jiuli Lake to watch the flying waterfall, appreciate the stones and explore the caves at Maixie Crag, picking mushrooms, learning martial arts at South Shaolin Temple, go boating and sightseeing at Mulan Brook and enjoying the moon while tasting fruit in the Water City.

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