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Traveling the World in One Day

The Beijing World Park, located in southwestern Fengtai District, is 17 kilometers from Tian'anmen and 40 kilometers from the Capital International Airport. The park has 100 world-famous man-made and natural attractions from nearly 50 countries throughout the world. It is the largest miniature theme park in Asia.

The park covers an area of 46.7 hectares. The layout is modeled after the five continents and four oceans, incorporating different spectacles and folklore of the world. Most of the architectural structures are built from marble, some with exquisite carvings. These reproductions are vivid.

The main gate of the park consists of a group of buildings. The Gothic castle, Roman corridor, and granite relief sculptures form an imposing scene. Entering the gate, visitors will see a life-size Italian terrace garden, with magnificent stepped buildings, fountains and figure sculptures of the Renaissance, full of European romanticism. The park is divided into five areas: Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Latin America. Taking a speedboat one can have a "global voyage;" and if one takes a battery-operated car, he can sightsee around the park. The "Special Joy Adventure City" is a cinema with the latest technologies, and by visiting the "Modern African Primitive Folklore Exhibition" one can experience the life of the original inhabitants of Africa. From May to October, the park holds the cultural activities of various countries. In the park visitors can taste the cuisine of various countries and buy the tourist souvenirs of various countries.

Since its opening in 1993, the Beijing World Park has received 1.5 million visitors annually. Besides, the park has added new items every year. Of China's theme parks, the Beijing World Park is outstanding in term of its exquisite architecture, rich and colorful activities and cultural atmosphere. Visitors can travel the world in one day, and the park has become a window displaying the culture of various countries.

Cultural Activities in Beijing World Park

From May to October each year the Beijing World Park holds the cultural activities of various countries.
From May to August, the park will invite a dance troupe from White Russia to give performances. Time: 13:30 - 14:15 at the open-air theater every day.
From May to October, an elephant form Thailand will give four performances a day, including Thai-style massage, crossing the bridge, swinging and putting on a hat. Time: 9:30, 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00.
In October, a Romanian national song and dance troupe will give performances in the park.
In addition, an opening ceremony is held every day. Time: 9:30, including large-scale floats, and cartoon shows. The procession will parade around the park.
Folklore dance performance: dances of Asia, Africa and Latin America, Chinese and foreign national music, and wind instrument orchestra. Time: 14:50 every day.

How to Get There

Bus No. 905: Summer Palace - World Park
Special Bus No. 7: Qianmen - Changchunjie - Liuliqiao - World Park
Beijing Railway Station Special Line: Beijing Railway Station East Street - Qianmen - Tianqiao - World Park (at an interval of 30 minutes. Price: 2 -3 yuan per person)

Admission Fees:

Monday to Friday: 40 yuan per person.
Saturday and Sunday: 48 yuan per person.
Students in a group: 20 yuan per person.
Children and primary and middle school students: 24 yuan per person.

Ticket Information

Children below 1.1 meters in height and the elderly above the age of 70 are free of charge.
Special discount in wither ( November 15 to March 15): about 50 percent discount.
Designated travel agencies: 40 percent discount.
Address: 158 Dabaotai, Huaxiang Township, Fengtai District, Beijing
Postcode: 100071

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