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Destination Guide: Visit China's most famous tourist areas and scenic attractions. Walk the majestic halls of The Forbidden City, the home of the great emperors of dynastic China. Scale the impressive Yellow Mountains, one of the most beautiful mountain chains in the world. Explore The Great Wall, the most massive manmade structure in the world.


Tour Packages: Feel China from the closest with our carefully arranged itineraries.
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Cultural Essentials: Explore Chinese Culture. Learn a new facet of Chinese culture each week. Impress you friends with your mastery of Chinese cooking.

Souvenirs: Browse a selection of Chinese crafts and clothing from Good Orient. Buy online with your credit card and have your purchase at your doorstep within two weeks.

Travel Tips: To make your Chinese tour more convenient and pleasant, we have carefully selected a list of necessary travel related information for your trip preparation.

China Travel Talks: Please feel free to use our board to communicate with other interested users or just find help here.

News & Events:Be informed of what's happening in China's travel industry.

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