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Discover Shangri-la Tour(Hong Kong/Kunming/Dali/Lijiang/Shangri-La) (tour code:Sc-1014)

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Day 01:hong kong
Place & Transport: Arrive in Hong Kong, Flight not included
Today\'s Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Hong Kong)

Day 02:hong kong
Place & Transport: Hong Kong
Today\'s Activities: Half day tour to Victoria Peak, Aberdeen, Repulse Bay
Meals: Breakfast

--Half day tour to Victoria Peak, Aberdeen, Repulse Bay: Hong Kong is a fascinating combination of East and West but it has its own unique and distinctive culture. Your half day tour will take in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong\'s number one tourist destination. It features the 112 year old Peak Tram and Hong Kong\'s most unusual building, The Peak Tower. Next stop is Aberdeen Harbor which is home to hundreds of people living on fishing junks. If you would like close up look at this unusual way of life, you can take a sampan ride (US$10-12). Repulse Bay is the last stop today; it is one of Hong Kong\'s most exclusive residential areas.

Day 03:Kunming
Place & Transport: Hong Kong to Kunming, Flight No. TBA
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Hong Kong), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Kunming)
Meals: Breakfast
Detailed Itinerary: Free to make your own arrangements until be transferred to the airport for your flight to Kunming.

Day 04:Kunming
Place & Transport: Kunming
Today\'s Activities: The Stone Forest, Bamboo Temple
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- The Stone Forest: A fantastic natural phenomena located 90 km southeast of Kunming. The various shapes of karst landscape was formed due to the millions years movement of Earth. The Stone Forest area is the home of the Sani people, their folk customs has become one spectacular scene, the colorful embroidery and minority dances combine with the natural sceneries, which will surely leave you a deep impression.
- Bamboo Temple: A Tang Dynasty temple known for its Arhat statues, is arguably the most famous of Kunming\'s temples.

Day 05:dali
Place & Transport: Kunming to Dali, Flight No. TBA
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Kunming), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Dali), Zhoucheng elaborate batik crafts, Houses of Bai People in Xizhou, The Ancient City of Dali, Three Pagodas, Cruise on Lake Erhai
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Zhoucheng elaborate batik crafts: A town where Bai minority people live and is famous for its elaborate batik crafts.Here you can see traditional way of making those exquisite crafts by Bai Minority people, their delicated skills and methods of making crafts will leave you a deep impression. You can also choose to buy some nice crafts.
- Houses of Bai People in Xizhou: the Houses of Bai people in Xizhou is located in the Xizhou Town which is 16 kilometers away from the Ancient City of Dali.Xizhou is not only a famous historic city, but also a typical commercial town of Bai people. It is one of the cradles of National capitalism of Bai people, and a famous hometown to overseas Chinese in Yunnan. So, you have to understand Xizhou first if you really want to understand Dali and Bai people.
Where Bai minority people live. You will see their typical traditions, dresses there.The most famous thing about Xizhou are well preserved ancient buildings of Bai Minority.On the outside walls of each house, there are numerous exquisite paintings showing the art atmosphere.
- The Ancient City of Dali: the Ancient City of Dali is 13 kilometers away from Xiaguan, Dali city, and is located at the foot of Cangshan Mountain.
The Ancient City of Dali was built in the year Hongwu 15 of Ming Dynasty (1382AD). It ranks in the first list of Famous Historic and Cultural Cities of China. In the Ancient City run clear springs, and live simple and unsophisticated local Bai people. Whether rich or poor, local people are used to planting trees and growing flowers in the yard. So there is a saying in the Ancient City of Dali: ¡°there runs a spring in every family and grow flowers in every yard.¡±it is a famous historic city.The local people have a habit of growing flowers in their gardens,with the clear streams of water,finely decorated the traditonal houses,a city well worth visiting.
- Three Pagodas: The Three Pagodas between the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake are considered the landmark of Dali. Towering aloft in a triangle shape, the Three Pagodas were built more than 1,000 years ago. Stored in the pagodas are valued Buddhist scripts and scriptures.
- Cruise on Lake Erhai : The area around Lake Erhai is blessed with a mild climate and fertile land with forests of valuable stocks of timber, medicinal herbs and rare animals. A cruise around the lake and its islands is an excellent way to explore the area and visit a working fishing village.

Day 06:lijiang
Place & Transport: Dali to Lijiang
Today\'s Activities: The Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang Ancient City
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- The Black Dragon Pool: The park holds the Black Dragon Pool and got name because of it. The pool is listed in the Collections of Famous Pools of China because of its beauty.
- Lijiang Ancient City: It is situated in the middle area of the county, which is more than 2400 meters high above sea level. It enjoys beautiful scenes, an indeed famous city with long history and splendid culture, it is very rare in China that such well-preserved minority ancient city still exists.

Day 07:lijiang
Place & Transport: Lijiang
Today\'s Activities: The Mural in Baisha Village, The Large Cable Car on Jade Dragon Mountain (from Ganhaizi)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- The Mural in Baisha Village: Baisha village is about 16 kilometers north of Lijiang City. It is the important birthplace of "Tusi" (the Chinese word means chieftain of a clan) from Mu clan. Its characteristic artistic style and precious historic content of the mural deeply attracted visitors from home and abroad.
- The Large Cable Car on Jade Dragon Mountain (from Ganhaizi): It's a snow capped mountain with an altitude of 5596 meters above sea level. The mountain has 13 peaks of which the highest is 18000 feet above sea level. Its high mountain and meadow views setting off the snow and rivers, construct amazing picture.
You could take the Large Cable Car on the top of Jade Dragon Mountain (from Ganhaizi) and enjoy yourself.

Day 08:Zhongdian(Shangri-La)
Place & Transport: Lijiang to Zhongdian(Shangri-La)
Today\'s Activities: Tiger Leaping Gorge
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Tiger Leaping Gorge: As one of the deepest and most marvelous gorges, Tiger Leaping Gorges are located in Hutiaoxia Town, 105 kilometers away from Zhongdian/Shangri-La County. Spring is the best time to visit, as melting snow flowing down from mountains makes the river turbulence at its peak.

Day 09:Zhongdian(Shangri-La)
Place & Transport: Zhongdian(Shangri-La)
Today\'s Activities: Songzanlin Lamasery, Lake Bita& Lake Shudu
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Songzanlin Lamasery: The largest Tibetan Buddhist lamasery in Yunnan Province. Occupying an area of 33.3 hectares, Songzanlin was built in the style of Potala Palace in Lhasa and represents the Tibetan culture, the statue of Buddhists and many precious cultural treasures will leave you with unforgettable memory .
- Lake Bita& Lake Shudu : Bita" means in Tibetan a place with a dense oak forest and "Bitahai" means a quiet lake. The Bitahai Lake is surrounded by mountains covered with ancient pines, oaks and rhododendrons, just like an emerald in the heart of the mountain. Shudu Lake is located in northeast of Shangri-la,it is one of the largest fresh water lakes on the Diqing plateau. The lake is surrounded by a forest of fir,spruce and silver birch, and is home to lots of wild animals such as bears,golden cats, deer and pheasants.

Day 10:Zhongdian(Shangri-La)
Place & Transport: Zhongdian(Shangri-La) to Kunming to Hong Kong, Flight No. TBA, connect Flight No. TBA
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Zhongdian(Shangri-La))
Meals: Breakfast

Hotel A Class B Class
City Hong Kong Salisbury YMCA Hotel Stanford Hotel
Kunming Kunming Hotel King World Hotel
Dali Asia Star Hotel Dali Landscape Hotel
Lijiang Jiannanchun Hotel Lijiang Sanhe Hotel
Zhongdian(Shangri-La) Sightseeing Hotel Pacific Rim Hotel
Quotation 2-5 persons class US$2610 p.p. US$2505 p.p.
6-9 persons class US$2238 p.p. US$2133 p.p.
Singel room suppl US$514 p.p. US$398 p.p.
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