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Beijing & Guilin Honeymoon Tour(Beijing/Guilin/Yangshuo) (tour code:Ho-1023)

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Day 01:beijing
Place & Transport: Arrive in Beijing, Flight not included
Today\'s Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Beijing)

Day 02:beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing
Today\'s Activities: The Tian\'anmen Square, Treasure Houses, Hall of Clocks and Watches, The Forbidden City, National Grand Theater
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Jing Mian Da Wang Restaurant(Di\'anmen Branch)

- The Tian\'anmen Square: The world\'s largest city square and enduring symbol of China\'s national pride, surrounded by many imposing buildings including the Heavenly Gate (entry to the Forbidden City), Museums, government buildings and Chairman Mao\'s Mausoleum.
- Treasure Houses: Treasure house has undergone 4 time renovations, the present one takes up almost 220 square metres, more than 440 treasures on display belonged to Qing dynasty royalty, half of which have not never been on display in the old one. It\'s worthy of visiting.
- Hall of Clocks and Watches: It sits in the northeast of the Forbidden City, there are more than 200 clocks and watches belonged to the 18 century on display. Mostly made in Switzerland, England, France, the U.S and Japan, those clocks and watches have been working over 200 years, but they are still working quite well. They are stylish, sophisticated best represents the technical standard at that time. Some Chinese made timepieces are on display as well.
- The Forbidden City: The Imperial Palace, home to 24 Emperors between 1420 and 1911. Great squares, halls and gates contrast with the intricate networks of side halls, gardens, courtyards and quarters for those who lived in this \'city within a city\'. The exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, are also absolutely fascinating. Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours, wear good walking shoes and protection from the weather.
- National Grand Theater: National Grand Theater, designed by French architect Paul Andreu, is an arts complex which people describe as a futuristic signature building. Located to the west of Tiananmen Square and with gorgeous design, it contains three large halls¡ª a 2,416-seat opera house, a 2,017-seat concert hall and a 1,040-seat theater.
- Jing Mian Da Wang Restaurant(Di\'anmen Branch): This restaurant of typical Chinese style £¬it serves traditional-style food ( mainly noodle ) in a active Old Peking atmosphere. Waiters clad traditionally shout and cry around the room to announce customers arriving or leaving. Having the taste of the tasty noodles, usually eaten with a thick sesame and soy-based sauce,it is very noisy! You have some real exoerience of Old Beijing.

Day 03:beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing
Today\'s Activities: Mutianyu Great Wall(with round way cable car), Beijing Olympic Green
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Xing Shuang Quan Restaurant, Chinese Dinner at Roasted Duck at Qianmen Quanjude

- Mutianyu Great Wall(with round way cable car): This less-crowded section of the Great Wall is a pleasant drive 90km NE of Beijing. A cable car takes you to a good section (avoiding a very steep climb), where you can walk along the wall, through the watch towers and enjoy superb views as it snakes across the hills and mountains. Walk along the wall on your own interest and return by cable car. Wear good walking shoes and protection from the weather.
- Beijing Olympic Green: Located at the north end of the central axis of Beijing City£¬Olympic Green hosts 50% of the competitions in the Olympic Games. With a large area of 1215 hectares, it contains a 760 hectares green forest, National museum, exhibition area, Olympic Village and Olympic competition avenues. Approximately 31 venues are used in Beijing Olympics, including National Stadium, the Bird\'s Nest and National Aquatics Center, \'H2O3\'.
- Roasted Duck at Qianmen Quanjude: In the evening, enjoy the Peking Roasted Duck which is renowned as the most delicious food of Beijing.
Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant(Old Duck)
As the nickname implies, this is one of the oldest restaurants in the capital, dating back to 1864, and they serve great Peking duck.
- Xing Shuang Quan Restaurant: Xinshuangqun Restaurant is located in Mutianyu Village near the Mutianyu Great Wall. Xinshuangqun¡¯s can accommodate about more than 300 people and specializes fresh fish. Its specialties include the Huairou specialty rainbow trout, sturgeon, salmon and other many other varieties. These appetizing foods will leave you good memories and you will enjoy the enchanting scenery in the green garden while dine.

Day 04:guilin
Place & Transport: Beijing to Guilin, Flight No. CN7215 (Beijing Capital Airport - Guilin Liangjiang Airport) Dep 9:10AM - Arr 12:15PM
Today's Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Beijing), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Guilin), Reed Flute Cave, Fubo(Whirlpool) Hill, Elephant Trunk Hill
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Taste Made Restaurant(A La Carte)

- Reed Flute Cave: Known as 'the Palace of Natural Arts' this large and well-presented cave system has some remarkable formations. Make sure you have some small change for the children who sell flutes for as little as one yuan if you've got nothing less than a dollar you'll end up with their whole stock.
- Fubo(Whirlpool) Hill: It is located in the city proper. Fubo Hill is a 4A scenic spot of national grade. It is cliffy, propping up from the ground, famous for the Pearl-Returning Cave (nearly 350 steps to enjoy the view).
- Elephant Trunk Hill: At the confluence of Li River and Peach Blossom River in the southwest of Guilin city
It is a national 4A scenery spot. The Water Moon Cave is close to the river. The water flows through it and the cave looks like a moon floating in the water. The stone drooped into the water like an elephant drinking the water of the Li River.
- Taste Made Restaurant(A La Carte): Taste Made Restaurant is an avant-courier of creating a new concept of cuisine in Guilin. Located at riverside, it is demonstrated in modern style, preparing the meals that are as pleasing the palate as the eye. It customizes for customers' taste by uniting Chinese and Western cookery, which will leave you a fantastic memory of dining.

Day 05:guilin
Place & Transport: Guilin
Today's Activities: Zhuang and Yao Ethnic Tribes Longsheng Terraced Field in Longji area
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Zhuang and Yao Ethnic Tribes Longsheng Terraced Field in Longji area: The Longji Terraces are built into the steep mountain range named "The Dragon's Backbone" about 2 hours from Guilin. The terraces look like ribbons as they wind from the foot to the top of the mountain. This ingenious construction makes best use of the scarce arable land and water resources in the mountainous area. There are about 66 square kilometers of terraced fields in the district. The Terraces were first built in the Yuan dynasty and completed in the Qing dynasty by the Zhuang people. Zhuang and Yao minority villages dot the area and feature traditional unique architecture where no nails are used in construction. The different minority customs and dressing styles are especially interesting.

Day 06:yangshou
Place & Transport: Guilin to Yangshuo
Today's Activities: Li River Cruise, Hot air Balloon Free Flight
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Li River Cruise: A cruise along the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo is an unforgettable experience. As you take in the stunning scenery there's something interesting to see at almost every bend in the river. Between spectacular limestone peaks you'll see graceful bamboo groves, farmers tending rice paddies, and lumbering water buffaloes pulling carts or cooling off in the river. You may see fishermen gliding along on their narrow bamboo rafts, and if you're very lucky you might see one of the famous fishing cormorants. Boats depart from various wharves, according to the height of the river at different times of the year.
- Hot air Balloon Free Flight: Experience the safe & unique sensation of a hot air balloon ride over Yangshuo. Enjoy the picturesque landscape from a height of more that 350 meters. Take in the wide-open spaces and the freedom of this exhilarating flight!

Day 07:yangshou
Place & Transport: Yangshuo
Today's Activities: Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree, Yangshuo Moon Hill, Chinese Cooking
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree: Big Banyan Tree, located 7.5km south of Yangshuo, is one of the main scenic attractions of Yangshuo County. It is said that the banyan was planted in the Jin Dynasty and is famous for its age and towering beauty. The banyan tree is now 17 meters high, 7.1 meters around the trunk, and covers an area of 1000 square meters.
- Yangshuo Moon Hill: Moon Cave is named for its giant archway (about 50 meters, 980steps). Be prepared for the local hawkers, who will pester you to buy water, and are very persistent and don't forget to wear your hiking shoes, for it's so many steps to climb.
- Chinese Cooking: The class begins at the local market where ingredients for dishes chosen by the students. Back at the covered, rooftop patio-classroom, students (usually 3-5 people) have individual cooking stations with a backdrop of mountain and park scenery. During the class, you will learn three popular dishes on your own set of cooking equipment provided by us. And after the class you can enjoy your culinary creations and share your new leanings with other students like you.

2-13 people required for a class
Every day 9:00 - 12:00am, 16:00 - 18:00pm
Time: 9am t 1200am,4pm to 6pm

Day 08:beijing
Place & Transport: Yangshuo to Guilin to Beijing, Flight No. CN7216 (Guilin Liangjiang Airport - Beijing Capital Airport) Dep 1:10PM - Arr 4:05PM
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Guilin), Hotel to airport Transfer (Yangshuo), Airport Transfer (Guilin)
Meals: Breakfast

Hotel A Class B Class
City Beijing Shi Jia House Beijing
Guilin Sheraton Guilin
Longsheng Li-An Lodge
Yangshuo Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Quotation 2-5 persons class US$1743 p.p. US$0 p.p.
6-9 persons class US$1480 p.p. US$0 p.p.
Singel room suppl US$602 p.p. US$0 p.p.
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