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China Highlights Signature Tour(Beijing/Xian/Chongqing/Yangtze/Yichang/Shanghai) (tour code:Ch-033)

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Day 01:beijing
Place & Transport: Arrive in Beijing, Flight not included
Today\'s Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Beijing)
Detailed Itinerary: Beijing is a city of amazing contrasts - an ancient capital with some incredible historical sites, and a bustling modern metropolis which successfully host the 2008 Olympics. Upon your arrival in Beijing, our guide will meet you and transfer you to highly regarded Raffles Beijing Hotel. The rest of the day is free to rest and recover from any jetlag. We have arranged a body massage to help you relax. Your guide take you to a popular local restaurant to sample some of the delight of Beijing¡¯s great food culture.

Day 02:beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing
Today\'s Activities: Mutianyu Cable Car(One way), Mutianyu slideway(One way), Great Wall at Mutianyu, 2 hours Chinese Learning at Tea House,
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Xing Shuang Quan Restaurant, Chinese Dinner at Roasted Duck at Hepingmen Quanjude
Detailed Itinerary: After breakfast, our guide will accompany you to visit the Great Wall -Mutianyu Section which has unique characteristics compared to the other sections of the wall. It is situated among wonderful landscape. This section is formed by three connected watch towers and has comfortable safe cable car ride to the top. You can choose to come down by toboggan if you like. Lunch is at Xing Shuang Quan restaurant near the Wall. In the afternoon, you will learn simple Chinese language and culture in a 2 hour class at a Tea House where local people enjoy meeting their friends. The experienced bilingual teacher will teach you the simple but practical words and phrases. You will have impressive stories to tell your friends after this short class. Dinner is at Quanjude Restaurant, which reputably serves the best Peking Duck in china.

Day 03:beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing
Today\'s Activities: The Forbidden City, Treasure Houses, Hall of Clocks and Watches, The Tian\'anmen Square, The Tian\'anmen Gate Tower, Beihai Park,
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner
Detailed Itinerary: Today we will experience ancient Emperor\'s daily life. First we will visit the Forbidden City, from which the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties governed for over 500 years. The magnificent and solemn palace will feed your imagination with the life of Chinese emperors past. We have arranged a private viewing of the Treasure Houses of the Qing Dynasty royalty and Hall of Clocks and Watches. These areas are off limits to most tour groups. Lunch is at a famous local restaurant-Wahaha Restaurant. In the afternoon, we will continue to Tian\'anmen Square and the Tian¡¯anmen Gate Tower. We will enjoy the fabulous Imperial Dinner at Beihai Park. All dishes are selected from the favorite foods of the Ming & Qing Royal family and served in a famous old restaurant in the park.

Day 04:beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing
Today\'s Activities: Temple of Heaven, Hutong Tours in Rickshaw, 2 hour Chinese Knotting learning, Kungfu Show
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Beijing Ba guo bu yi Restaurant, Chinese Dinner
Detailed Itinerary: After tasting the royal lifestyle, we will experience the lives of Chinese people today. We begin by joining the thousands of old people at the Temple of Heaven as they practice Taichi. And then we will continue our tour to take a rickshaw ride at Hutongs where we could visit the local flea market. You may find some interesting things and practice your bargaining skills. After a local lunch, rest in a local house and having a cheerful talk with the family members to see how their lives like in these traditional houses. Under the watchful eye of a 70 year old Grandma you can learn the ancient art of Chinese knot tying. Finish the day with a spectacular Kongfu show.

Day 05:xian
Place & Transport: Beijing to Xian, Air China CA2115 Dep 2:10PM - Arr 4:00PM
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Beijing), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Xian), Tang Imperial Banquet & Show £šenjoying the show while eating£©
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Dinner
Detailed Itinerary: You could explore more of Beijing this morning before transfer to Xi¡¯an. One of the highlights today will be the evening show, which presents the palace dances and songs of the Tang Dynasty when Xi\'an was the capital of ancient China.
During dinner at the show, we will invite you to taste some of China¡¯s famous rice wine.

Day 06:xian
Place & Transport: Xian
Today\'s Activities: Terracotta Warriors, Great Mosque
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner at Defachang Restaurant
Detailed Itinerary: After breakfast in the hotel, you will set off for the incredible 2000 year-old Terra cotta warriors which are part of the underground tomb of the Emperor Qin. Well over 7000 figures were in full battle array are housed in several large pits. Many of the figures, including soldiers, archers, horses and chariots, have been restored. Repairs and excavations continue at the site where you can see both repaired and broken warriors in a truly impressive display. After the visit, we will drive back to the city to taste China\'s unique food, dumplings. If you are interested, the chef can also show you how they are made. In the afternoon, we will drive to the Grand Mosque which is one of the four grand Islamic mosques in China with history of more than 1,200 years.

Day 07:chongqing
Place & Transport: Xian to Chongqing to Yangtze, China Eastern Airline MU2628 Dep 3:40PM - Arr 4:40PM
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Xian), Airport Transfer (Chongqing), Cruise pier Transfer (Chongqing), City Wall, Taiji Learning on the Ancient City Wall, Board the ship from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and departs Chongqing at 9:00pm.(Dinner is not included)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Minjianwagang restaurant(A La Carte), Chinese Dinner
Detailed Itinerary: Before setting out for the Yangtze cruise, you have the opportunity to take part in a TaiChi class. Your guide will supply you with Taichi costume. Your Taichi lesson will be held on the Ancient City Wall, a landmark of Xi\'an city. The professional trainer will introduce this martial art to you as a method of relaxation and of enjoying life. For the energetic, we recommend a bike ride along the top of the wall. After lunch at a local restaurant-Minjiangwagang Restaurant, your guide will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Chongqing where you will board the luxury Victoria Cruise ship. Before boarding we introduce the famous Chinese dish ¡°hot pot¡± which is one of the most popular foods in China.

Day 08:Yangtze
Place & Transport: Yangtze
Today\'s Activities: Cruise pier Transfer (Yangtze), Shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City.(1:00-3:00pm)
Meals: Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner

--Fengdu is where the devil lives, according to Chinese legend. They say that spirits go to heaven, and evil goes to Fengdu. The town is overlooked by Ming Shan Hill, home of Tianzi, the King of the Dead. The whole place has an eerie feel to it with deserted streets, tower blocks, empty shops and banks. The only people here are those who make a living from visiting cruise boats.

Day 09:Yangtze
Place & Transport: Yangtze
Today\'s Activities: Cruise pier Transfer (Yangtze), Shore excursion to Lesser Three Gorges(8:00-1:00pm).
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner

--The Lesser Three Gorges are the three separate valleys of the Daning River: Dragon Gate Gorge, Misty Gorge and Emerald Gorge. These lie on the lower reaches of the Daning, which flows into the Yangtze. The gorges are truly spectacular. Sheer cliffs soar up towards the sky from the brown-green water. Mountain tops hover above the ribbon of mist, disconnected from their roots. Its \'subtle mountains, clear waters, pretty rocks, dangerous rapids, sharp turns, fantastic caves, and stalactites in various shapes\' create the timeless beauty that you see in Chinese landscape paintings. Monkeys, mandarin ducks and other water birds can be seen loitering on big boulders in this area. In addition to the wonderful natural scenery there are a number of historical places of interest along the way, such as a suspended coffin, boat coffin, and remains of ancient plank walkway.

Day 10:yichang
Place & Transport: Yangtze to Yichang to Shanghai, Shanghai Airlines FM9366 Dep 4:35PM - Arr 6:05PM
Today\'s Activities: Cruise pier Transfer (Yichang), Airport Transfer (Yichang), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Shanghai), Shore excursion to The Three Gorges Dam Site. Arrive in Yichang at 1:30pm.
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner

--Three Gorges Dam, the largest water conservancy project ever undertaken by man and it has been a dream for several generations of Chinese people. The construction of the dam formally began in 1994. The body of the dam was completed in 2003, and the whole construction will be competed in 2009. It will be 2,335 meters long, 185 meters high, 18 meters wide on the top and 130 meters wide at the bottom.The tourists can get access to the top of the dam and enjoy different kinds of photo opportunities.

Day 11:shanghai
Place & Transport: Shanghai
Today\'s Activities: French concession region, Yuyuan Garden, Yuyuan Market, The Bund, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Lv Bo Lang Restaurant, Chinese Dinner at Home\'s Restaurant(Set Menu)
Detailed Itinerary: Today you will visit the lovely old Yuyuan Garden which is a traditional Chinese park complete with beautiful pavilions, miniature lakes, bridges and rock formations, and then follow by the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the Jade Buddha Temple. In the afternoon, you can have a relaxing walk through the French Concession Region to enjoy the beautiful old homes and gardens. We have arranged to have lunch served in the original old consulate building.

Day 12:shanghai
Place & Transport: Depart Shanghai, Flight not included
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Shanghai)
Meals: Breakfast
Detailed Itinerary: Your time is your own, until you are ready to be transferred to the airport for your departure.

Hotel A Class B Class
City beijing
Quotation 2-5 persons class US$0 p.p. US$0 p.p.
6-9 persons class US$0 p.p. US$5061 p.p.
Singel room suppl US$0 p.p. US$0 p.p.
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