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Lijiang Escape Package(Beijing/Kunming/Lijiang) (tour code:Sc-044)

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Day 01:beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing to Kunming, Flight No. TBA
Today\'s Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Kunming), The Stone Forest, Market of birds and flowers
Meals: Chinese Lunch

- The Stone Forest: A fantastic natural phenomena located 90 km southeast of Kunming. The various shapes of karst landscape was formed due to the millions years movement of Earth. The Stone Forest area is the home of the Sani people, their folk customs has become one spectacular scene, the colorful embroidery and minority dances combine with the natural sceneries, which will surely leave you a deep impression.
- Market of birds and flowers: This market is a miniature of local people\'s life, also the gathering place of entertainment.There are various kinds of birds, fish, pets on the market, also you can find antiques, jewellery,and other hand-made crafts,a great place for shopping and relaxation.

Day 02:Kunming
Place & Transport: Kunming to Lijiang, Flight No. TBA
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Kunming), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Lijiang), Lijiang Ancient City
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Lijiang Ancient City: It is situated in the middle area of the county, which is more than 2400 meters high above sea level. It enjoys beautiful scenes, an indeed famous city with long history and splendid culture, it is very rare in China that such well-preserved minority ancient city still exists.

Day 03:Lijiang
Place & Transport: Lijiang
Today\'s Activities: Yunshanping, The Mural in Baisha Village
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Yunshanping: It is a large patch of pasture tucked away hidden amongst a virgin spruce forest on the eastern side of the Yulong Snow Mountain.
- The Mural in Baisha Village: Baisha village is about 16 kilometers north of Lijiang City. It is the important birthplace of

Day 04:beijing
Place & Transport: Lijiang to Beijing, Flight No. TBA
Today\'s Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Lijiang)
Meals: Breakfast

Hotel A Class B Class
City beijing
Quotation 2-5 persons class US$0 p.p. US$0 p.p.
6-9 persons class US$0 p.p. US$1369 p.p.
Singel room suppl US$0 p.p. US$0 p.p.
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