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11 Days Beijing/Xian/Guilin/Shanghai Tour (tour code:Ch-008)

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Day 01:Beijing
Place & Transport: Arrive in Beijing, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Beijing)
Detailed Itinerary: You'll be met on arrival in Beijing. On the way to your Hotel, your guide will explain tomorrow's arrangements. Spend the rest of the day exploring the nearby streets, or resting and catching up on your jetlag. Beijing is a city of amazing contrasts - an ancient capital with some incredible historical sites, and a bustling modern metropolis. Moreover, Beijing has successfully hosted the 2008 Olympics.

Day 02:Beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing
Today's Activities: The Tian'anmen Square, Hall of Clocks and Watches, The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: This exciting day starts by visiting Tian'an men Square, the biggest square in the world that lies in the center of the city. It's the symbol of Beijing and ranked No. 1 in the 16 new scenic highlights of Beijing. If you like, we can stop and let you have a walk on the square. Then you will have the privilege to experience ancient emperor's daily life. We will visit the Forbidden City, from which the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties governed for over 500 years. It is the essence and a must for sightseeing in Beijing, the magnificent and solemn palaces arouse your imagination of the life of Chinese emperors. Hall of Clocks and Watches set in the Forbidden City; we will drop on it to learn the clock history of the past 200 years. In the afternoon, we arrange a visit to the Temple of Heaven. Built in 1420A.D, it is the place where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would offer sacrifice to heaven and pray for good harvests. You may see some interesting activities in the surrounding gardens, particularly weekend mornings.

Day 03:Beijing
Place & Transport: Beijing
Today's Activities: Great Wall at Mutianyu, Mutianyu Cable Car(round trip)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner at Roasted Duck at Fangzhuang
Detailed Itinerary: After breakfast, our guide will accompany you to visit the Great Wall -Mutianyu Section which owns some unique characteristics among all the sections. Wonderful surrounded landscape, rarely seen structure formed by three connected watch towers, all these make it outstanding from the others. Hiking by yourself or taking the comfortable and safe round trip cable car is up to you. Dinner is at Quanjude, where serves the world known Beijing roasted duck.

Day 04:Xi\'an
Place & Transport: Beijing to Xian, Flight No. TBA
Today's Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Beijing), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Xian), Summer Palace, Beijing Olympic Green((exterior visit of Bird Nest and Water Cube)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: Today we will first visit the Summer Palace, which is equally famous as the Forbidden City. It is up to now the best preserved and the largest imperial gardens in China. You may regret it if you come to Beijing without visiting this grand imperial garden. Then we step onto Beijing Olympic Green. It is a newborn green park with a massive 1,135 hectares along the historic north-south central axis of Beijing, including the stunning Olympic Stadium and National Swim Center. It also includes the 680 hectares of park, and will be integrated into Beijing residents¡¯ daily life and tourists post-games. It is a new urban district and a multi-function complex deducing the balance of East with West, the ancient with the contemporary, development with nature, which highly expresses the logos of ¡°technology, green, humanity¡±. Later you will be transferred to the airport in time for your flight to Xi'an, one of the most ancient cities in China, which was the national capital for over 1,000 years, and the starting point of the Silk Road. Despite a lot of modern development Xi'an remains a charming city. You¡¯ll have the evening to yourself.

Day 05:Xi\'an
Place & Transport: Xian
Today's Activities: Terracotta Warriors, Muslim Quarters of Xi'an, City Wall, Great Mosque
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: After breakfast in the hotel, you will set off for one of today's highlights - the incredible 2000 year-old Terra cotta warriors. Each one is part of the underground tomb of the Emperor Qin. Well over 7000 figures were drawn up in full battle array in several large pits. Later, you will like a half-hour's cycling along the Ancient City Wall. It is a major landmark, and the best preserved, as well as the oldest and largest city defense systems in China. If you like, you can make an option to experience a City Wall biking, but the extra fee is needed. Afterwards we will visit the Great Mosque. It is one of the largest Islamic mosques in China. The pavilions, halls and gateways are wonderfully decorated, and this is an active place of worship for the Hui descendants of Silk Road traders and travelers. The last stop we arrange today is the Muslim Quarters of Xi¡¯an. The Muslim quarters lies 100 meters west of the Bell tower in downtown Xi¡¯an. The 500 meters long avenue paved by bluestones are dotted with many unique stall, souvenir shop, caf¨¦ and bars which are mostly run by Muslim people. Tourists, especially from overseas come and shop here.

Day 06:Guilin
Place & Transport: Xian to Guilin, Flight No. TBA
Today's Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Xian), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Guilin), Shaanxi Historical Museum, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, Gao's Courtyard(includes Shadow Play)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: Spend the morning at one of the best museums in China, the Shaanxi Historical Museum. Among the 400,000 items on display are treasures from many of the Dynasties, including some magnificent bronzes and porcelain, many of which have never been on permanent display before. In the afternoon, we step onto the Xi'an Stele Forest Museum which has 900 years of history, holding a large collection of the earliest stone steles of different periods, from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. This evening we go to the Gao's Courtyard, a famous house which has won the Prize of Cultural Heritage Protection in Asian-pacific Area of UNESCO in 2002. The courtyard owner Gao Yuesong was a high ranking official in Ming Dynasty 300 years ago. His building is nice with interlinked courtyards and Xi'an typical architectures. A shadow play performed by folk artists awaits you at the end of the day.

Day 07:Guilin
Place & Transport: Guilin
Today's Activities: Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Two Rivers and Four Lakes(walking around (Rong lake and Sha lake), Fubo(Whirlpool) Hill
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: On arrival in Guilin, you will visit two of the best attractions in this gentle city - Elephant Trunk Hill, which is a national 4A scenery spot. The stone droped into the water like an elephant drinking the water of the Li River. And Reed Flute Cave, It is a vast and impressive cave system. Make sure you have plenty of small change with you at the caves - the children there sell flutes for about 1 yuan, and if you only have an American dollar, you're likely to end up with a whole basketful of flutes! After lunch, you will arrive at Fubo (Whirlpool) Hill, which is a 4A scenic spot of national grade. It is cliffy, propping up from the ground, famous for the Pearl-Returning Cave (nearly 350 steps to enjoy the view).Afterwards, you can take a walk around Rong lake and Sha lake, Relax around this spectacular rives system£¬your stress of a whole day travel will be somewhat relieved.

Day 08:Yangshuo
Place & Transport: Guilin to Yangshuo
Today's Activities: Li River Cruise, 2-hour Taiji Learning
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: Guilin is famous for its stunning scenery, and the best way to see it is from the deck of a Li River Cruise boat. The boats leave from various wharves, according to river height at different times of the year, and you'll be transferred to the appropriate pier for an unforgettable trip downriver to the lovely old town of Yangshuo. You will be arranged to attend a 2-hour Taiji Learning. Taiji Quan is an internal martial art system which places emphasis on the development and control of Chi (Consciousness) energy within the body. Following our professional trainer, you will acquaint with the soul of Taiji. The afternoon will give you time to explore the area which is famous for its shopping.

Day 09:Shanghai
Place & Transport: Guilin to Shanghai, Flight No. TBA
Today's Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Guilin), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Shanghai)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: Before returning to Guilin, you can arrange your own time to explore some areas in Yangshuo. In the afternoon our local guide will escort you to the airport in Guilin for your flight to Shanghai, the largest economic and trade center, a comprehensive industrial base and the leading port in China. Its phenomenal mixture of space-age buildings, gorgeous shops, and the remnants of the old Concession areas allures many tourists from home and abroad.

Day 10:Shanghai
Place & Transport: Shanghai
Today's Activities: Yuyuan Garden, Yuyuan Market, The Bund, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch
Detailed Itinerary: We start the day by visiting the lovely old Yuyuan Garden, the most famous garden in Shanghai, which is decorated by beautiful pavilions, miniature lakes, bridges and rock formations. It is also a shopper's paradise for there are many small shops carrying everything from furniture to porcelain. Then we step onto Yu Market, which is a busy market today, specializing in traditional arts and crafts. Outside, however, it still looks like a temple. We will stop here for a while to give you time to browse the stalls. After that, you will pay a visit to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. This is a fascinating insight into Shanghai¡¯s future. The 2nd floor has a giant walk around model of the city, and other floors have great displays, interactive exhibitions and walkthroughs of aspects such as the ports, greening, leisure etc. The last stop is the Bund. It was once the home of the foreign traders and major banks, with futuristic old European-style buildings, chic restaurants, top end shops and bars offer plenty to see and do ¨C and by night it's magic!

Day 11:Shanghai
Place & Transport: Depart Shanghai, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Shanghai)
Meals: Breakfast
Detailed Itinerary: Your time is your own, until you are ready to be transferred to the airport for your departure.

Note: If you choose to stay on in Shanghai for a few extra days, or arrive a few days early in Beijing, please let us know, and we'd be happy to extend your hotel bookings, or arrange additional tours for you.

Hotel A Class B Class
City Beijing Guangzhou Hotel Beijing
Xian Meihua-Goldentang Internationa
Guilin Guilin Bravo Hotel
Yangshuo Paradesa Resort
Shanghai Anting Villa Hotel Shanghai
Quotation 2-5 persons class US$1539 p.p. US$0 p.p.
6-9 persons class US$1539 p.p. US$0 p.p.
Singel room suppl US$459 p.p. US$459 p.p.
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