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Fried Dragon Leg
Materials: tender chicken 200g starched shrimp meat 50g
Ingredients: pork from pig's leg 100g, cooked ham 15g, netted lard plate 400g, soaked mushroom 15g water chestnut 20g green soya bean 20g
Condiments:2 eggs, chopped green onion 10g, ginger powder 1g, rice wine 10g, refined salt 2g , gourmet powder 1g , pungent sauce 15g , pepper powder 0.25g , starch 50g , cooked lard 500g (use about 150g)

  • Cut the mushroom, chicken,ham, pork and water chestnut into pinenut -shape and mix them thoroughly with shrimp, green soya bean, chopped green onion and ginger powder. Divide the filling into 10 equal portions. Cut the netted lard plate into 10 pieces and surface them with paste made up of eggs and starch. Wrap the lard plate up with the filling inside into the shape of chicken legs. Insert a chicken bone into the narrow end of each.

  • Heat the lard to 60ге hot in a wok over high heat and fry the legs until they are well-done. Scoop them up and place them on a plate.
    Features: This dish looks golden yellow and tastes crisp outside and tender inside.

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