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Stewed Quail with Chinese Wolfberry
Materials:3 quails, 250g/each
Ingredients: huaishan 50g , Chinese wolfberry 50g
Condiments: refined salt 10g gourmet powder 5g , chicken extract 2g , rice wine 2g , ginger slice 2g , soup-stock 750g

  • Kill the quails and wash them clean.Cut each into 4 pieces and scald the 12 pieces in boiling water. Two minutes later, cool them down with cold water. Place them in a soup bowl with a cover for use.
  • Wash the huaishan and Chinese wolfberry clean and soak them for 15 minutes. Place them on the quails together with the ginger slice.
  • Heat the wok with soup-stock in it over moderate flame. Then add the salt, gourmet powder, chicken extract and rice wine to the soup.
  • Pour the boiling soup into the bowl and place the bowl in a steam tray which is over a high heat. Pick out the ginger slice 20 minutes later and the process is over.
    Features:The dish tastes light and delicious. It helps nourish the feminine and kidney.

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