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Pigeon Slices with Cabbage Mustard

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one young pigeon
200g cabbage mustard stalks
crushed garlic
finely chooped ginger
bamboo shoot tops

  • Cut the cabbage mustard stalks into sections, score crosswise twice and soak in water. Pick out the meat from the pigeon, slice and steep for 20 minutes in salt, MSG, corn starch, and flour.
  • Scald, then stir-fry the cabbage mustard, add soup, salt, and MSG, pile the stalks on a plate.
  • Fry the pigeon meat in 40% heated oil until done.
  • Leave a little oil in the pan, put in garlic, ginger, bamboo shoot tops, then drop in the pigeon meat, stir fry, add soup-stock, MSG, oyster il, sesame oil, pepper and sornstarch solution, sprinkle in a little oil and pour the mixture over the stalks.

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