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Medicinal Dishes
Sweet and Sour Pork with Chilli

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300g skinless half-lean pork
150g cooked bamboo shoots

  • Cut the pork into long strips, score slightly crosswise, then slice, steep in salt and spirits, remove, dip in beaten egg white, coat with dry cornstatch, deep-fry for 3 minutes in 50% heated oil, turn off the heat, and remove after 2 minnutes.
  • Heat the oil again to 50% hot, drop in pork slices, bamboo shoot slices and deep-fly until golden.
  • Fly finely chopped garlic and chillies until the fragrance comes out, add scallion, sugar and vinegar sauce, thicken with cornstarch, drop in the pork slices and bamboo shoot slices, sprinkle with oil.

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