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White Meat, Blood Sausage

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streaky pork with skin and bones attached
500g pork intestine
1000g fresh pork blood

  • Burn the skin of the pork on an open flame, soak in warm water for half an hour, scrape away the burnt skin, drop into boiling water, bring to the boil, simmer till cooked, bone while hot, when cool cut into thin slices, place on a plate.
  • Clean the intestine, turn it inside out, fasten one end.
  • Strain the blood and allow to settle, to the serum add 1/4 of its volumn of water and a paste made of salte, MSG, Sharen, cassia bark, qibiangui, zikou and cloves pour into the intestine, tie up the end, drop into boiling water, simmer till the intestine floats, remove, cool, cut into slices.
  • Scald the slices then place in a bowl of soup containing scallions, ginger shreds and MSG.

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