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Braised Soft-shelled Turtle

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750g soft shells and claws of the soft-shelled turtle
100g streaky pork
25g mushrooms soaked in water
100g garlic

  • Slice the soft shells and claws of the soft-shelled turtle.
    Cut the streaky pork into 2 pieces.
  • Heat oil in a wok till 7-fold hot, drop in garlic, stir-fry and remove, drop in the shells and claws of the soft-shelled turtle, stir-fly, when there is no water left, drop in streaky pork, scallion and ginger, mushrooms and cooking wine, stir-fry, pour in water, bring to the boil, then braise over a medium heat till soft.
  • Pick out the scallion ginger, and streakly pork. Put the soft shelled turtle on a plate. Boil the soup stock until concentrated, season, then pour over the shells and claws.

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